Improve the Accuracy of Risk Stratification with MatBA®


The Mature B-cell Neoplasm Array (MatBA®), CGI’s Array-CGH product line, has been designed to detect chromosomal gains and losses at 80 specific genomic sites associated with mature B-cell neoplasms. This array is intended to support the diagnosis and prognosis of non-Hodgkin lymphomas.

MatBA® is designed for use in a clinical laboratory and is optimized for use on a range of specimen types such as peripheral blood, bone marrow, cell suspension, and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue specimens.

MatBA® improves each patient’s prognosis by determining the patient’s unique genetic profile, allowing doctors to more accurately select treatments to which the patient is most likely to respond. No time is wasted with treatment that will not work which is vital for many cancers requiring immediate therapy.

Applications of MatBA® currently offered:

Advantages of MatBA®:

  • Higher resolution than FISH (1-2 Kb vs. 100 Kb)
  • Detects multiple distinct genomic aberrations in one hybridization (gain and loss)
  • Identifies alterations not currently assessable by other techniques
  • Identifies more abnormalities than FISH. For instance, MatBA®-CLL/SLL detects more abnormalities than FISH in 30% of CLL cases.

About CGH Microarrays

Microarray based technology assesses a large number of genetic alterations in a single experiment. One application of this technology, known as array-CGH, is utilized to evaluate DNA copy number changes (gains/losses) observed frequently in tumor genomes. CGI has designed disease-specific, targeted microarrays for diagnostic and prognostic purposes in a variety of cancers.