Order a Test

Ordering a test with CGI Laboratories is fast and easy.

If you don’t need any shipping supplies:

  1. Identify the test(s) to be processed and verify the requirements in the specimen collection manual.
  2. Download and fill the requisition form related to the test(s) to be ordered.
  3. For Hematologic Specimens: send the requisition form to ClientServices-NJ@cgix.com or fax it to 201.933.0787.
  4. For Solid Tumor Specimens: send the requisition form to ClientServices-LA@cgix.com or fax it to 323.224.3096.
  5. Proceed to shipment. Place a copy of the requisition form with the specimen and send the package to the address below. If you need any help with the pick-up, please call us at 201.528.9187. Our Client Service Team will assist you.
Hematologic Specimens:
CGI East
Meadows Office Complex
201 Route 17 North, 2nd Floor
Rutherford, NJ 07070
Fax: 201.933.0787
Tel: 201.528.9187
          Solid Tumor Specimens:
CGI West
1640 Marengo Street
Suite 410
Los Angeles, CA 90033
Fax: 323.224.3096
Tel: 323.224.3900


If you need shipping supplies:

  1. Hematology: download the supply order form and send it to ClientServices-NJ@cgix.com or fax it to 201.933.0787. For assistance, please call 201.528.9187.
  2. Solid Tumor: download the supply order form and send it to ClientServices-LA@cgix.com or fax it to 323.224.3096. For assistance, please call 323.224.3900.

If you would like to know more about our test menu and our possibilities in helping you and your patients, please fill out our contact form. Our Client Services Team is dedicated to helping you and making sure you enjoy your experience with CGI Laboratories.

Our tests are available through clinicians only. Please speak with your doctors if you are interested in taking the first step towards personalized cancer treatment.