Expand your Laboratory Offerings with Expand Dx™

Expand DX

The ExpandDx™ program is a partnership initiative offered by CGI to help community hospitals and health care providers expand their clinical services. By partnering with CGI Laboratories, community-based labs can provide the same cutting-edge technology and testing available at larger centers, optimizing their resources and reducing the burden of travel and cost for their patients.

Technical-Only Testing Available Through Expand Dx™

With CGI’s technical-only testing service, pathologists and clinicians are able to access the most advanced testing technologies available, and leverage CGI’s unique expertise. By providing more flexible ordering options, technical-only testing helps healthcare providers manage costs for their patients, and allows for increased collaboration on difficult cases.

For more information about technical-only testing, download our flyer or contact our team at (1) 631-885-0069.

Watch the Video: CGI’s ExpandDx Collaborative Oncology Testing