Empowering Personalized Cancer Treatment

By identifying the unique genetic makeup of each patient and their cancer, biomarker-based oncology testing is helping to revolutionize cancer treatment. Testing patients for specific biomarkers can provide insight into diagnosis, prognosis, and the patient’s likelihood of responding to certain treatments. With this information, we can help predict the probable outcome of an individual’s disease, and enable clinicians to personalize the clinical management for each patient.

Through our Clinical Services, we provide hospitals and cancer centers with state-of-the-art genomic testing. Our reference laboratory utilizes both our proprietary specialty tests, as well as more common tests, to offer comprehensive genomic testing for a number of solid tumor and hematological cancers.

We continuously expand our test menu as new technologies and biomarkers of clinical value are developed. Through our range of unique and common cancer testing services, we are empowering personalized cancer treatment.All of our services are based on our expertise in cancer testing, and are supported by a panel of prominent scientific and medical advisors.

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