Improving Clinical Trials through Genomic Insight

CGI’s Select One® Clinical Trials program provides a broad range of integrated and dynamic clinical trial services for both oncology and non-oncology genetic testing for phase I-III trials along with ancillary services including bioinformatics, biorepository, and trials logistic support.

Our Select One® program was created with the mission of enhancing the success of clinical trials by focusing on the increasing needs for new biomarkers.

We are committed to helping pave the way to precision medicine. With locations in the US, India, and China, CGI is a global partner of choice for companies engaged in clinical trials.

Select One® Added Value:

  • Transition from histology driven patient selection to genome-based patient inclusion/exclusion.
  • Better stratification of patients with known risk factors.
  • Identification of novel predictive biomarkers during early phase.
  • Development of companion diagnostics.
  • Predictive biomarkers utility to identify patient populations most likely to respond to treatment.
  • Molecular prescreening and biomarker discovery studies in Phase I clinical trials:
    • Targeted therapies
    • Improved outcomes (desired clinical endpoints)

Select One® Services: