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FHACT Webinar

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

Reduce overtreatment, improve women’s health using FHACT, the only test with four biomarkers that detects genomic alterations associated with progression of cervical lesions.

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  • Cancer Genetics offers the FDA-approved DAKO PD-L1 IHC 22C3 pharmDx companion diagnostic test for KEYTRUDA®

    The FDA approved PD-L1 (IHC) 22C3 pharmDx companion diagnostic test for  KEYTRUDA® (pembrolizumab)​ is now available at CGI to assess PD-L1 expression in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

  • Cancer Genetics is a center of excellence for oncology-focused clinical trials.

    Narasimha Marella, Ph.D., Corporate Development Manager speaks about how Cancer Genetics can help biopharma companies overcome oncology-focused clinical trial challenges. The current challenge that is faced by biotech and biopharmas that are involved in oncology drug development is their ability to accurately stratify and randomize patients for their clinical trials based on biomarkers. Despite the […]

  • Cancer Genetics offers an integrated solution for clinical trials.

    Kristen Hopp, PMP, Senior Clinical Trial Project Associate speaks about Cancer Genetics integrated clinical trial services. In hematological malignancies one of the challenges is the diversity of subtypes.  For these trials, genomic insights have become critically important.  Our innovative research and our clinical expertise in these cancers makes CGI an ideal partner for these clinical […]

  • Cancer Genetics offers an integrated solution for Clinical Trials.

    Nathan Campbell, Director of Clinical Services speaks about Cancer Genetics’ Biorepository capability and how having access to samples genomic data is important. As a clinical trial progresses and a more diverse patient population is recruited, variations in a drug’s efficacy and safety can start to arise. Unexpected adverse events can potentially kill a drug at […]

  • Predicting response, improving patient outcome

    Scott Clark, VP of Global Scientific Operations speaks about Cancer Genetics’ PGx services and how CGI is at the forefront of personalized medicine. Individuals respond differently to medications based on their genetic profile. For oncology medications, it is extremely important to understand the underlying genetics for safety and efficacy purposes. Pharmacogenomics can help reduce adverse […]

  • Cancer Genetics, a global partner for biopharma companies

    Panna Sharma, CEO of Cancer Genetics, Inc. speaks about Cancer genetics, a global partner for biopharma companies Globally cancer is increasing significantly and with that increase comes more complexity to understand and diagnose cancers. In countries like India or China, they expect a 5 fold increase of newly diagnosed cancers, and also significant increase of […]

  • New Jersey Viewpoint – March 15, 2015

    Jane Houldsworth, Ph.D. and Deniliz Rodgriguez discuss how Cancer Genetics is helping to deliver personalized medicine and reflect on their own battles with cancer.

  • CGI’s ExpandDx Collaborative Oncology Testing

    More than 80% of cancers are diagnosed in community based hospitals and clinics, but many of these facilities don’t have the resources to provide the most advanced testing services. By performing the technical component at CGI Laboratories, we’re enabling the healthcare provider to render the professional component.